The safety of our employees, customers and installations is a priority. In addition, our activity is wholly organized to target 0 ACCIDENTS.

The safety of our employees

VALORTEC invests annually in training to improve its employees’ skills with regard to risk management and safety.

Our goal: 0 accidents

The safety of drivers

VALORTEC is particularly vigilant in respect of drivers who come to load and unload at our facilities. Risks are ever present, especially the risk of falling from height off the tankers.

We have therefore invested massively to secure unloading stations with ramps, mobile ladders and life lines so that drivers can operate in complete safety.

Our goal: 0 accidents


The safety of external contractors

To avoid accidents, the reception and supervision of external contractors at our facilities are essential. VALORTEC is therefore particularly diligent about drawing up prevention plans with its subcontractors and suppliers, with regard to the definition of operating methods and the choice of PPE.

Our goal: 0 accidents

The safety of visitors

The reception of visitors and their protection at our facilities is a priority. Visitors are briefed on arrival prior to any on-site visit and a specific path has been created to avoid hazardous areas and ATEX zones.

Environmental safety

VALORTEC, by definition of its core activity, is committed to environmental protection on a daily basis through the recycling of waste to give it a second life. Protecting the environment is therefore an integral part of our DNA at VALORTEC. Nevertheless, we remain a classified facility for the protection of the environment (ICPE) and classified SEVESO.

Our facilities are designed and built to maintain a high level of environmental protection in the event of fire or incident, and the entire operation of the site is geared towards the supervision and control of emissions to the environment in order to ensure compliance with the standards in force.

Our goal: 0 accidents