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Ortec Group waste treatment centers

VALORTEC comprises two hazardous industrial waste treatment centers, located in Rognac and Berre. These have been designed to provide high-quality service to producers of hazardous waste.

Since it was commissioned in March 2006, this processing center has continued to evolve, in order to boost its performance in the interest of its clients, as well as respect for natural resources.

Specialized in the recycling and recovery of hazardous industrial waste, VALORTEC is simultaneously a waste processing plant, a material recycling plant and a fuel production plant. It supports consumers of fossil fuels in their energy transition, by offering them alternative fuel solutions based on recycled carbon.

Ortec Group

Through the integration of engineering and public works wolutions, the Ortec Group assists it’s industrial clients with the design, construction and maintenance of their projects. 

Structured aroung three divisions

– Engineering, France & International contracting and global services. Our service offer includes over 50 complementary areas of expertise deployed in numerous markets in France and in 25 other countries : Energy, Pharceuticals, Chemicals, Defence, Rail, Agro-food, Automobile, Aeronautics & space…

Experience, a sense of service and an innovative mindset enable our teams to provide bespoke service, in strict compliance with the health, safety, operational and each of our clients. 

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