a single catchphrase: zero accidents!

a single catchphrase: zero accidents!

The teams from the two waste treatment sites at Berre-l’Etang and Rognac are mobilized every day on safety matters. Building on the culture fostered by the Ortec Group, Valortec rolls out ambitious action plans aiming to continuously improve conditions for the performance of its missions. 

Safety objective: zero accidents!

The core activity and the vocation of accommodating external materials mean that Valortec sites must be constantly aware of risks. The Ortec culture, which considers safety a priority through its slogan “Life First!”, provides a solid basis. On-site, the teams bring it to life through collective awareness. Team leaders, Hygiene Safety Environment (HSE) Managers, Casques d’OR’ and Operational Managers are all involved in achieving this goal.

The collective development of this dynamic has led to an action plan with a hundred or so suggestions from the field, taking into account the specificities of sites.
Weekly chats are also held in presence of all the teams. Measures cover issues such as protection in relation to machines, improvement of emergency shutdowns, lockout systems, the performance of tests to issue authorizations or circulation and the sharing of space between vehicles and pedestrians.

Teams are also made aware of the fire hazard on this site, under constant surveillance round the clock. Specific training is provided and 5 annual fire drills are conducted in order to test the responsiveness of teams, in association with fire fighters.

The investment of the Valortec teams has proven fruitful. In 2021, the “zero accidents” target was reached. This will motivate all employees to continue on the same path in 2022