Formalities and procedures

procédures d'acceptation

What are the procedures to be followed?

(Update : Sept. 2014)

There are a small number of administrative formalities that must be completed before you can benefit from our facilities.

The first is to check your requirements:Ensure that your waste is compatible with our treatment centre

  • Ensure that your waste is compatible with our treatment centre
  • Determine the type of treatment that is needed
  • Assess the cost of the treatment
  • Specify the safety precautions to be taken when transporting and handling the waste

Complete our Waste Identification Sheet in order to help guide you through this procedure. The Waste Identification Sheet includes a declaration on the part of the waste producer that the information provided is accurate, and it forms the basis of the contract between the two parties.

The aim of this procedure is to obtain the maximum amount of information in the shortest possible time. In order to achieve this, the Waste Identification Sheet should be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A representative sample (at least one liter). The VALORTEC team is ready to help if you need assistance in taking the sample
  • Product Safety Data Sheets for all the original products
  • Any existing analyses

There are three types of Waste Identification Sheet:

Our teams will deal with your enquiry rapidly on receipt of this information, and will reply as quickly as possible. A quotation will be sent to you for your approval. On your acceptance of our quotation, you will be sent a Prior Acceptance Certificate stating our willingness to accept the waste within a specified period of validity.

In order to ensure the best possible service, it is necessary to make arrangements for the arrival of the waste at our treatment centre.

1 – en planifiant chaque livraison

Contact our Planning Team to arrange a delivery slot by telephoning 00 33 4 42 78 00 04 and giving the following information:

  • The nature of the waste
  • The number of the Prior Acceptance Certificate issued earlier
  • The estimated quantity
  • The requested date and time of delivery

2 – Organizing your transport

Each delivery must be accompanied by one or more Waste Tracking Sheets, one for each type of waste. Each type of waste will have been allocated a separate Prior Acceptance Certificate, and the relevant number must be quoted on the Waste Tracking Sheet.

In the case of hydrocarbon waste, an Accompanying Tax Declaration for Hydrocarbon Waste must be attached to the Waste Tracking Sheet.

Please contact our Sales Team if you need help in complying with these requirements.