A specialist team

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Even more flexible!

The toxic waste in diffused quantities (DTQD) specialist team has changed their way of working in order to provide an enhanced degree of flexibility to their customers.

They are now able to offer a complete range of services:

  • Budgetary cost estimates following sampling on site
  • Preparation for shipping waste carried out by specialist chemists on site
  • Supply of containers
  • Collection
  • Waste treatment and recycling
  • Administrative supervision

“It is essential that our teams remain in touch with the reality on the ground and adapt their working to suit!”, Insists the manager of the toxic waste in diffused quantities team.

Offering the best possible solution

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Valortec continues to develop …

VALORTEC is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers and is continually improving its facilities in order to offer the best available technology:

  • The silt removing centrifuge has been modified from two to three-phase operation in order to improve throughput
  • The capacity for centrifuging oil-water mixes has been doubled
  • A filtration tank has been installed to provide a full range of water removal options for liquids with a low hydrocarbon content
  • Products with a high hydrocarbon added value are now treated on a dedicated line ensuring the recovery of the maximum possible value with a reduced loading time
  • The water pre-treatment line now includes a biological processing stage for improved economic and environmental performance
  • The storage capacity for recovered hydrocarbons has been doubled

“Listening to the needs of our customers has enabled us to offer them better solutions”, comments the director of the facility.