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VALORTEC is a waste collection and pre-treatment facility, designed to provide a quality service to businesses generating hazardous waste.

Since its opening in March 2006, the facility has steadily expanded, with a constant improvement in performance and customer benefits.

Specialising in the recycling of multiphase liquid hydrocarbons and the pre-treatment of packaged toxic waste in diffused quantities, this subsidiary of the Ortec Group is an important component in the process of waste reduction and control of the associated costs.

Valortec is a waste transfer facility with the ability to accept a wide range of types of hazardous waste. It provides a real logistical resource to the industry, offering rapid acceptance, extended opening hours and facilities such as vehicle washing. Headlines
A pre-treatment platform that accepts multiple types of waste and consolidates it into bulk loads of a single type, thereby improving productivity throughout the treatment process and limiting the risks associated with transporting the waste.
The facility recycles the waste residues for reuse as raw materials and alternative fuels in order to recover value and protect the environment.
A center of expertise with the goal of reducing the overall cost of waste disposal.
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